5-28-1: Purpose And Intent
5-28-2: Legal Authority
5-28-3: Cannabis Cultivation And Commercial Cannabis Activities Prohibited Unless Specifically Authorized By This Chapter
5-28-4: Compliance With State And Local Laws
5-28-5: Definitions
5-28-6: Commercial Cannabis Business Permit Required To Engage In Commercial Cannabis Business
5-28-7: Cannabis Employee Permit Required
5-28-8: Maximum Number And Type Of Authorized Commercial Cannabis Businesses Permitted
5-28-9: Initial Application Procedure
5-28-10: Personnel Prohibited From Holding A License Or Employee Work Permit
5-28-11: Expiration Of Commercial Cannabis Business Permits
5-28-12: Revocation Of Permits
5-28-13: Renewal Applications
5-28-14: Effect Of State License Suspension, Revocation, Or Termination
5-28-15: Appeals
5-28-16: Written Request For Appeal
5-28-17: Appeal Hearing
5-28-18: Permittee Selection Process
5-28-19: Change In Location; Updated Registration Form
5-28-20: Transfer Of Cannabis Business Permit
5-28-21: City Business License
5-28-22: Building Permits And Inspection
5-28-23: Certification From The Development Services Director
5-28-24: Right To Occupy And To Use Property
5-28-25: Location And Design Of Cannabis Businesses
5-28-26: Limitations On City's Liability
5-28-27: Records And Recordkeeping
5-28-28: Security Measures
5-28-29: Restriction On Alcohol And Tobacco Sales
5-28-30: Reserved
5-28-31: Fees And Charges
5-28-32: General Operating Requirements
5-28-33: Other Operational Requirements
5-28-34: Operating Requirements For Store Front/Retail Facilities
5-28-35: Operating Requirements For Non-Store Front Retailer
5-28-36: Non-Store Front Retailer Vehicle Requirements
5-28-37: Permissible Delivery Locations And Customers
5-28-38: Restriction On Store Front Retail Facilities
5-28-39: Operating Requirements For A Microbusiness-Cultivation Facility And Any Other Cultivation
5-28-39.5: Operating Requirements For Distributors
5-28-40: Operating Requirements For Testing Labs
5-28-41: Cannabis Manufacturing; Edibles And Other Cannabis Products; Sale Or Distribution Of Edible And Other Cannabis Products
5-28-42: Promulgation Of Regulations, Standards And Other Legal Duties
5-28-43: Community Relations
5-28-44: Fees Deemed Debt To The City Of Placerville
5-28-45: Permit Holder Responsible For Violations
5-28-46: Inspection And Enforcement
5-28-47: Compliance With State Regulation
5-28-48: Violations Declared A Public Nuisance
5-28-49: Each Violation A Separate Offense
5-28-50: Criminal Penalties
5-28-51: Remedies Cumulative And Not Exclusive