(A)   All documents required for the submission of an expedited solar energy system application shall be made available on the publicly accessible city website.
   (B)   When possible, electronic submittal of the required permit application and documents by e-mail, the internet, or facsimile shall be made available to all small residential rooftop solar energy system permit applicants.
   (C)   An applicant's electronic signature shall be accepted on all forms, applications, and other documents in lieu of a wet signature.
   (D)   The city's building division shall adopt a standard plan and checklist of all requirements with which small residential rooftop solar energy systems shall comply to be eligible for expedited review.
   (E)   The small photovoltaic residential rooftop solar system permit process, standard plan(s), and checklist(s) shall substantially conform to recommendations for expedited permitting, including the checklist and standard plans contained in the most current version of the "California Solar Permitting Guidebook" adopted by the governor's office of planning and research.
   (F)   An installation compliance checklist by the building official will be checked and signed by the solar installer as having met all the requirements applicable to the installation. (Ord. 1671, 9-8-2015)