The bonds and insurance referred to in section 4-4-2 of this chapter shall guarantee the performance by the person(s) relocating the building or structure to:
   (A)   Keep all streets and sidewalks clear and free of all debris during and after the relocation.
   (B)   Provide for and erect barricades or overhead protection to prevent damage to publicly owned improvements.
   (C)   Leave the site from which the building or structure is relocated in a clean and level condition, removing from the site all foundations and debris, to fill to grade all holes, depressions or trenches resulting from the relocation, and to cap the sewer in an approved manner.
   (D)   Repair all damage done to public or private property in the relocation of a building or structures.
   (E)   Assure the completion of all work required by the relocation permit within the time designated. (Ord. 1164, 8-8-1978)