No person shall permit paper, rags, boxes, waste or combustible rubbish or inflammable substances of any character to accumulate in any quantity in any building, yard, street, alley or other place in such a manner or to such an extent as to cause a fire menace, or increase the danger of fire or to endanger life or property. The accumulation of rubbish or any materials is hereby declared to be a nuisance and it shall be the duty of the Fire Chief, a representative from his department, or any police officer, to see that such nuisances are abated immediately after discovery, using summary measures if necessary to effect immediate abatement. If in his judgment the fire menace is not immediate he shall give written notice to the occupant or owner of the premises or building or the person responsible for the condition, to remedy or remove the condition within forty eight (48) hours thereafter, and such order must be complied with. (Ord. 758, 6-6-1953; amd. Ord. 1355, 5-8-1984)