§ 34.07  VACATION.
   (A)   All appointed officers and employees of the city shall be entitled to the following vacation leave with pay:
      (1)   After one full year of continuous employment, 6 days of vacation.
      (2)   After two full years of continuous employment, 12 days of vacation.
      (3)   After ten years of continuous employment, 18 days of vacation.
   (B)   No employee shall accumulate or carry over any vacation days from one year to another year.  Vacation time is figured from the anniversary date  of the employee's first day of employment with the city, to the current anniversary date and not the fiscal year.
   (C)   Vacation time may be taken in one-day increments, at times as may be approved by the respective officer's or employee's department head or supervisor.  The officer or employee shall request vacation time at least two weeks prior to the date vacation is to commence; provided, two-week notification may be excused in the event of a bonafide emergency or for good cause shown.
   (D)   The officer or employee may cancel his or her scheduled vacation upon three working days notice to his or her department head or supervisor, but shall not return to work before the scheduled termination of vacation, once the vacation has commenced.
   (E)   In the event an officer or employee of the city has accumulated or carried over vacation time from a prior year on the effective date of this section, the accumulated vacation time shall be used prior to May 1, 1991.  If not used prior to that date, the remaining accumulated vacation time shall be forfeited.
('74 Code, § 2-113)  (Ord. 996, passed 11-17-81; Am. Ord. 1084, passed 2-20-90; Am. Ord. 1247, passed 4-17-01)