(A)   It is the policy of the City Council not to issue permits for the construction of signs of any nature upon city streets, alleys or other public property.
   (B)   Any sign or other thing constructed on city property prior to September 27, 1955, that is considered dangerous or detrimental to the direction and control of traffic or in the interests of the safety and welfare of the public shall be removed within a reasonable time after being notified by the city.  The provisions of this division shall pertain to all construction performed without a permit from the Council.
   (C)   All signs or other things constructed on city property prior to September 27, 1955, may not be required to be removed except those declared a hazard to traffic or the public safety.  All signs or other things coming under the terms of this division shall be removed when they are in need of maintenance or repair to an extent that maintenance or repairs would approximate the cost of removal.  If, in the opinion of the Traffic Committee, a sign should be removed immediately, the provisions of this division shall not apply.
   (D)   In order to enforce the provisions of division (C) above, all acts of maintenance or repair of signs and other things on city property shall require a permit therefor and no permit shall be issued for repairs or maintenance if it is considered by the city, after thorough investigation, that the use of the sign or other thing shall be discontinued and no repairs or maintenance made thereto and removed from city property.
('74 Code, § 24-38)  (Ord. 545, passed 9-27-55)