(A)   Animal Warden.  The Animal Warden shall have the duty of impounding all dogs running at large in violation of the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Redemption of impounded animals. The owner of any dog impounded pursuant to this chapter may redeem the dog by paying all the costs, charges and penalties assessed, if any, that have accrued up to the time of making the redemption and when the charges are paid to the Animal Warden.  The fee for taking up a dog will be fixed by the Animal Warden from time to time and as approved by the County Board.
   (C)   Disposition of unredeemed dogs. Any impounded dog not redeemed by the owner thereof within five days, the Animal Warden shall have the authority to choose a disposition of the dog, i.e., put up for adoption or destroy.
('74 Code, §§ 5-32, 5-33 and 5-34)  (Ord. 745, passed 3-16-65; Am. Ord. 969, passed 9-18-79; Am. Ord. 1263, passed 6-4-02)