(A)   The salary of the City Attorney shall be as established from time to time by the City Council, payable monthly, for all routine work required in this subchapter.  In cases where the litigation would be beyond the normal duties of the Attorney, the Attorney shall receive extra compensation in an amount not to exceed that which is to be provided each year in the annual appropriation ordinance and budget.  The extra allowances are to be approved by the Finance Committee of the Council.
   (B)   For special assessments and bond issues, the Attorney shall receive, in addition to the salary provided in divisions (A) above, the prevailing percentage for the particular type of bond issue.  The percentage shall be that which is normal and customary in the date, as found and determined by the Illinois State Bar Association.  The fee shall be included in the administrative costs of the projects for which bonds are issued.
('74 Code, § 2-96)  (Ord. 701, passed 7-17-62; Am. Ord. 797, passed 6-4-68; Am. Ord. 843, passed 6-1-71)