§ 34.18  LIGHT DUTY.
   (A)   The city may require an employee who is on paid or unpaid leave of absence, including leaves for work-related accidents or injuries, to return to work in an available light duty assignment that the employee is qualified to perform, provided that the city's physician has determined that the employee is physically able to perform the light duty assignment in question without significant risk that such return to work will aggravate any pre-existing injury and that there is a reasonable expectation that the employee will be able to assume full duties and responsibilities  within 90 calendar days.  Employees may also request light duty assignments in accordance with the provisions of this section.  The terms and conditions of any light duty assignment shall not conflict with the express terms of the agreement; provided, however, the work schedule shall be determined exclusively by the employee's Department Head.  Generally, a light duty assignment under this section shall not exceed 90 calendar days.  The city reserves the right to terminate any light duty assignment at any earlier time.
   (B)   If an employee returns or is required to return to work in a light duty assignment and the employee is unable to assume full duties and responsibilities within 90 calendar days, the city retains the right to terminate the employee's light duty assignment.
   (C)   Nothing herein shall be construed to require the city to create or maintain a light duty assignment for an employee.  Employees will only be assigned light duty assignments when the city determines that the need exists and only as long as such need exists.
   (D)   Nothing in this section shall effect the statutory rights of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund dealing with an employee on a disability pension. 
(Ord. 1215, passed 3-16-99)