17.42.020 Zoning clearance.
   A.   Purpose. Zoning clearance is the procedure used by the city to verify that a proposed structure or land use complies with the permitted list of activities allowed in the applicable zoning district, and the development standards applicable to the type of use. Where Article II (Zoning Districts and Allowable Land Uses) requires a zoning clearance as a prerequisite to establishing a land use, the director shall evaluate the proposed use to determine whether the clearance may be granted in compliance with this section.
   B.   Applicability. A zoning clearance shall be required at the time of planning division review of any building, grading or other construction permit, or other authorization required by this Zoning Code for the proposed use. Where no other authorization is required, a request for zoning clearance shall be filed with, and use the forms provided by the department.
   C.   Criteria for Clearance. The director may issue the zoning clearance after determining that the request complies with all Zoning Code provisions applicable to the proposed use.
   D.   Notice of Non-Appealable Development. A land use permit proposing a development within the coastal zone that is not appealable to the Coastal Commission is subject to the public notice requirements of Section 17.58.040 (Notice of Non-Appealable Development).