(a)    All buildings, structures, or portions thereof which are structurally unsafe, or not provided with adequate egress, or which constitute a fire hazard, or otherwise dangerous to human life, or which in relation to existing use constitute a hazard to health by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation, fire damage, obsolescence, or abandonment are for the purposes of this Chapter unsafe buildings.
   (b)    The owner and/or occupant shall keep the exterior of all real estate premises and every structure thereon including, but not limited to, walls, roofs, cornices, chimneys, drains, towers, porches, landings, fire escapes, stairs, store fronts, signs, windows, doors, awnings, and marquees in good repair and all surfaces thereof shall be kept painted or protected with other coating or materials placed thereon for the purposes of preservation and avoiding a blighting influence on adjoining properties. All surfaces shall be maintained free of broken glass, loose shingles, crumbling stone or brick, peeling paint or other conditions reflective of deterioration or inadequate maintenance, to the end that the property itself may be preserved safely, fire hazards eliminated, and adjoining properties in the neighborhood protected from blighting influences. All yards, courts or lots shall be kept free of unsightly materials not appropriate to the area and debris which may cause a fire hazard or may act as a breeding place for vermin or insects. Any premises or structures not complying with this subsection are hereby declared to be "unsightly premises". The term "unsafe buildings" as used in this Chapter shall include "unsightly premises". For use in notices under this Chapter or any other reference, the term "unsightly premises" or "unsafe buildings/unsightly premises" may be used in lieu of the term "unsafe buildings".
   (c)    All unsafe buildings (including unsightly premises) are declared to be public nuisances and shall be abated by repair and rehabilitation or by demolition in accordance with the procedures of this Chapter.
(Ord. 03-2013.  Passed 4-8-13.)