(A)   Necessary appurtenances. Chimneys, church spires, parapet walls, cooling towers, elevator bulkheads, fire towers, antennas or other necessary appurtenances commonly constructed above the roof line shall be permitted to exceed the maximum height limitations of the district in which they are located provided they comply with all other pertinent regulations of the city, state and federal government.
   (B)   Intersections. On corner lots, in the triangular portion of land bounded by intersecting street lines and a line joining these street lines at points 30 feet from the point of intersection, no obstruction, whether natural or man-made, shall intrude into the air space that is between two feet and ten feet above the level of the adjacent street.
   (C)   Airport hazard areas. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, all structures erected within any airport hazard area, as defined by state law, shall conform to the location, height and identification requirements imposed by the Illinois Department of Transportation pursuant to an Act relating to Airport Zoning (see ILCS Ch. 620, Act 25, §§ 1 through 37) and an Act in Relation to Zoning to Eliminate Airport Hazards (see ILCS Ch. 620, Act 25, §§ 1 through 37).
(Ord. O-2014-06, passed 8-11-14)