Every applicant for a special use permit shall submit to the Zoning Administrator, on forms provided by the Zoning Administrator, the items of information listed below. (Every special use permit application shall additionally be filed with the Perry County Soil and Water Conservation District as per state law (see ILCS Ch. 70, Act 405, § 22.02a) and with the City Clerk of Pinckneyville, Illinois. The Zoning Administrator shall, promptly transmit the completed application, and any comments or recommendations he or she deems appropriate, to the Zoning Board of Appeals. (Note: $150 filing fee required.)
   (A)   Name and address of the applicant;
   (B)   Name and address of the owner or operator of the proposed structure or use, if different from the applicant;
   (C)   Nature of the proposed use, including type of activity, manner of operation, number of occupants or employees, and similar matters;
   (D)   Location of the proposed use or structure, and its relationship to existing adjacent uses or structures;
   (E)   Area and dimensions of the site for the proposed structure or use;
   (F)   Existing and proposed screening, landscaping, and erosion control features on the site, including the parking area;
   (G)   Height and setbacks of the proposed structure;
   (H)   Number and size of proposed dwelling units, if any;
   (I)   Number and location of proposed parking/loading spaces and access ways;
   (J)   Identification and location of all existing or proposed utilities, whether public or private; and/or
   (K)   Any other pertinent information that the Zoning Administrator and Zoning Commission may require.
(Ord. O-2014-06, passed 8-11-14)