§ 154.001 PURPOSE.
   In accordance with state law (see ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 11-13-1), the purpose of this chapter is to regulate structures and land uses in order to preserve, protect, and promote the public health, safety, and welfare, and appearance through implementation of this city’s Comprehensive Plan. More specifically, this chapter is intended to assist in achieving the following objectives:
   (A)   To encourage the development of buildings and uses on appropriate sites in order to maximize community-wide social and economic benefits while accommodating the particular needs of all residents and to discourage development on inappropriate sites;
   (B)   To protect and enhance the character and stability of sound existing residential, commercial, and industrial areas, and to gradually eliminate nonconforming uses and structures;
   (C)   To conserve and increase the value of taxable property throughout the City of Pinckneyville, Illinois;
   (D)   To ensure the provision of adequate light, air, and privacy for the occupants of all buildings;
   (E)   To protect property from damage caused by fire, flooding poorly controlled storm water runoff, and adverse soil and topographical conditions;
   (F)   To provide adequate and well-designed parking and loading space for all buildings and uses, and to reduce vehicular congestion on the public streets and highways;
   (G)   To guide the provision of water mains, sanitary sewers, storm water sewers, and other utilities and services, and to reduce the initial costs and future maintenance expenses thereof;
   (H)   To provide for the efficient administration and fair enforcement of all regulations set forth herein;
   (I)   To clearly and concisely explain the procedures for obtaining variances, special use permits, temporary permits, amendments, and the like.
(Ord. O-2014-06, passed 8-11-14)