The City Council shall take into account flood hazards, to the extent that they are known, in all official actions related to land management use and development.
   (A)   New subdivisions, manufactured home parks, annexation agreements, planned unit developments, and additions to manufactured home parks and subdivisions shall meet the damage prevention and building protection standards of §§ 150.40 and 150.41. Any proposal for such development shall include the following data:
      (1)   The base flood elevation and the boundary of the floodplain (where the base flood elevation is not available from an existing study, the applicant shall be responsible for calculating the base flood elevation);
      (2)   The boundary of the floodway when applicable; and
      (3)   A signed statement by a registered professional engineer that the proposed plat or plan accounts for changes in the drainage of surface waters in accordance with the Plat Act (ILCS Ch. 765, Act 205, § 2).
   (B)   Public health standards must be met for all floodplain development. In addition to the requirements of § 150.40 and 150.41, the following standards apply:
      (1)   No development in the floodplain shall include locating or storing chemicals, explosives, buoyant materials, flammable liquids, pollutants, or other hazardous or toxic materials below the flood protection elevation, unless such materials are stored in a storage tank or floodproofed building constructed according to the requirements of § 150.41.
      (2)   Public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas, and electric shall be located and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damage;
      (3)   Public sanitary sewer systems and water supply systems shall be located and constructed to minimize or eliminate infiltration of flood waters into the systems, and discharges from the systems into flood waters;
      (4)   New and replacement on-site sanitary sewer lines or waste disposal systems shall be located and constructed to avoid impairment to them, or contamination from them, during flooding. Manholes or other above ground openings located below the flood protection elevation shall be watertight.
   (C)   All other activities defined as development shall be designed so as not to alter flood flows or increase potential flood damages.
(Ord. O-2006-13, passed 11-20-06)