§ 96.12 NOTICE.
   The Police Department, the Code Enforcement Office or any other person so designated by the Mayor or City Council to issue a written notice shall be served on the party responsible for the nuisance and on the owner, occupant or lessee on whose property the nuisance exists ordering that the nuisance be abated within five days after such notice has been duly served.
   (A)   A description of the nuisance;
   (B)   The location of the nuisance;
   (C)   A statement of what condition or state of affairs must be achieved in order for the nuisances to be deemed abated;
   (D)   The date by which abatement must be completed;
   (E)   A statement indicating that if the nuisance is not abated by the date prescribed, the city will abate the nuisance and assess the costs of abatement and/or impose a fine; and
   (F)   Service of the notice provided for herein may be effected by any of the following methods:
      (1)   By handing the same to the owner, occupant or lessee of the premises, or to any member of his or her household of the age of 15 years or older found on the premises;
      (2)   By mailing such notice to the last known residence address of the owner, occupant or lessee; or
      (3)   By posting the notice upon the premises.
(Ord. O-2016-09, passed 7-11-16)