General Comments
   The proposed utility should be located horizontally a minimum of five (5) feet away from any city owned underground utility (water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer).
   1)   Where perpendicular crossings occur, the utility line should be installed beneath any city owned underground utility and any service lines or laterals. Where sanitary sewers are installed abnormally deep, the fiber optic line may be installed above the sewer with the advance approval of the Commissioner of Public Property or the Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements.
   2)   Contractor must obtain a permit for any necessary street cuts.
   3)   All pavement shall be saw cut one foot past excavations which encroach into the roadway.
   4)   Roadway patches shall consist of IDOT approved CA-6 compacted backfill compacted in eight (8) inch lifts and seven (7) inches of unreinforced PCC pavement.
   5)   No excavation shall be left open overnight. Where unavoidable contractor shall install proper barricades and get city approval from the Commissioner of Public Property or the Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements before leaving overnight.
   6)   Grassed areas shall be seeded with straw as soon as possible after excavation.
   7)   Permittee's contractors shall open sewer manholes and/or pothole sewers and watermains to locate utility depths. Contractors shall make as much inspection as practical to locate sewer laterals and water services.
   8)   The street department will not mark open ended culverts that can be seen from the surface.
   9)   No major location changes from the alignment proposed, such as changing which side of the road, will be allowed without prior approval from the city.
   10)   Contractor/utility is responsible for locating street rights-of-way lines, determining type of street right-of-way, determining property line locations, and if any private easements are necessary.
Permittee must submit detailed as-built plans as soon as construction is complete.
Our review does not include locations of other underground utilities other than those owned by the city.
There may be other utilities in conflict with the proposed alignment. Also, our review is based on the best available information and is not represented as all inclusive of city owned utilities or those owned by others. Permittee may be responsible for any damage that occurs. Please notify the city as soon as any damage is known so that proper repair can be coordinated.
The proposed utility alignments are tentatively approved pending Permittee's representatives taking the actions and precautions as listed in this permit.
(Ord. O-2019-25, passed 11-12-19)