13.40.030   Fees.
   A.   Applicable Fees. Fees for use of solid waste facilities are as set forth in the fee schedule adopted by the board of supervisors.
   B.   Special Handling Fee. Haulers of non-standard wastes and non-regulated asbestos wastes that require special handling services shall be charged a fee set forth in the fee schedule.
   C.   Evaluation Fee. Waste loads or waste streams that receive an evaluation of acceptability may be charged a fee set forth in the fee schedule.
   D.   Uncovered Load Fee. A fee shall be charged for all loads in which refuse or other materials are not securely contained, covered or adequately restrained by nets, tarpaulins, the enclosing vehicle body, or other means to preclude blowing litter or falling objects that may pose a road hazard to the motoring public. The uncovered load fee shall be set forth in the fee schedule.
   E.   Determination of Hauler Status. The site cashier shall determine whether a particular load is from a commercial or residential hauler, whether it is bulky or not, and whether the load is securely covered or properly restrained. The facility user shall pay the fee based on these decisions.
   F.   Fee Reduction for Nonprofit Organizations. The director may grant a fifty percent discount in the fee to a nonprofit organization for wastes that result from recycling, resale, or redistribution activities. To qualify, an organization must present a written request for the fee discount, along with documentation of nonprofit status. This waiver only applies to the first ten tons per month for an organization.
   G.   Fee Waivers for Illegal Dump Cleanups. The director may waive the disposal fee for a waste delivered from a resident if the waste is from an illegal dump that another party has illegally dumped on the property of said resident or if the waste is from a community cleanup.
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