18.70.050   General requirements.
   A.   No parcel of land may be divided into five or fewer lots, parcels, or fractional interests without complying with this chapter and obtaining a land division permit, unless otherwise excepted by this chapter.
   B.   All improvements to and development of land divided pursuant to this chapter must comply with all other applicable Pima County Code provisions.
   C.   A building, or use permit shall not be issued for development on any lot, parcel, or fractional interest that does not comply with the provisions of this Chapter.
   D.   A land division application that does not comply with one or more of the items listed in section 18.70.060(A) may still have a permit issued if the applicant signs and records an acknowledgment that no building or use permit will be issued until the lot, parcel or fractional interest meets the minimum zoning requirements, has legal access, physical access, and has reserved utility easements.
   E.   The granting or issuance of any certificate, permit, registration or other approval pursuant to this chapter requires compliance with all other applicable laws and Pima County Code provisions.
(Ord. 2005-34 § 2, 2005)