Every person appointed as a law enforcement officer shall:
   (A)   Be a citizen of the United States;
   (B)   Be at least 20 years of age;
   (C)   Be of good moral character;
   (D)   Be fingerprinted and a search made of local, state and federal fingerprint files;
   (E)   Not have been convicted of a felony or an offense involving moral turpitude;
   (F)   Have a high school diploma or its equivalent;
   (G)   Pass an examination conducted by a physician employed by the town;
   (H)   Be interviewed and approved by the Board; and
   (I)   Be certified in accordance with state law.
(1993 Code, § 30.07)
Statutory reference:
   State law requires that law enforcement officers be certified by the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, see G.S. § 17C-10