(A)   Special meetings of the Board of Commissioners and meetings of all committees of the Board of Commissioners shall be held at the time and place and on the date designated on the notice of the meeting. The notice shall be given 48 hours before the meeting by posting a copy of the notice on the town bulletin board in the office of the Town Clerk and by mailing or hand delivering a copy of the notice to all news media which have requested notice of the special or committee meetings.
   (B)   The Town Clerk shall collect from persons other than the media the sum of $10 each to cover the cost of notices. Notice shall be complete upon delivering to the U.S. Postal Service a copy of the notice addressed to the media or other person requesting notice at the address given on the request for notice.
   (C)   Emergency meetings of the Board of  Commissioners and committees of the Board may be held on less than 48 hours’ notice when unexpected circumstances require immediate consideration without the regular notice. However, notice of an emergency meeting must be given, either by phone or by the same means used to notify the Board or committee members to each local news media on the emergency meeting list.
   (D)   Local news media shall be those whose principal office is located within a five-mile radius of the town. At the time of requesting notice of special meetings, local news media may request notice of emergency meetings at no additional fee.
(1993 Code, § 20.16)  (Res. passed 9-18-1978)