(A)   The owner of any property on which a timber harvesting operation has been undertaken shall maintain the site in good condition as well as city infrastructure.
   (B)   The landowner and the operator shall be responsible for repairing any damage to city streets, bridges, or other stream crossing caused by traffic associated with the timber harvesting operation to the extent the damage is in excess of that caused by normal traffic, and may be required to furnish a bond to guarantee the repair of such damages.
   (C)   All drainage courses, ditches, culverts, pipes, and structures shall be adequately maintained by the property owner ami shall be kept open and free flowing at all times.
   (D)   All graded surfaces, erosion and sedimentation control devices, drainage structures and similar protective devices, plantings and ground covers installed pursuant to any required permit shall be continuously maintained and kept in good repair by the owner.
   (E)   Where the Enforcement Officer finds any evidence of any situation which threatens to damage nearby properties, they shall direct the property owner to affect adequate remedies within a reasonable period of time.
   (F)   Roads, trails, landings, etc. shall be constructed, maintained, and abandoned in such manner as to prevent soil erosion and permanent damage to soils and waterways.
   (G)   Debris deposited on public streets or adjacent property as a result of the logging operation shall be removed immediately.
   (H)   In addition to the requirements set forth herein all timber harvesting operations shall comply with the "Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesting in Kentucky."
(Ord. 0-2016-006, passed 5-20-16)