(A)   The revenues collected as a result of the user charges levied shall be deposited in a separate non-lapsing fund known as the "Operation, Maintenance and Replacement Fund."
   (B)   Fiscal year-end balances in the Operation, Maintenance and Replacement Fund shall be used for no other purposes than those designated.  Monies which have been transferred from other sources to meet temporary shortages in the Fund shall be returned to their respective accounts upon appropriate adjustment of the user charge rates for operation, maintenance and replacement.  The user charge rate(s) shall be adjusted such that the transferred monies will be returned to their respective accounts within six (6) months of the fiscal year in which the monies were borrowed.
(Ord. 0-95-006, passed 9-25-95; Am. Ord. 0-2008-004, passed 1-14-08)