§ 53.02  WATER METERS.
   (A)   The Public Works Department shall not furnish water to more than one (1) customer or user on the same meter or the same water line connection. A separate meter is required for each residential and/or commercial account, except where there is an apartment complex with more than twenty-five (25) units. The City Manager may permit a master meter in that case. The City Manager may also waive the requirement of one (1) meter per customer and permit a master meter for an existing apartment or residential complex/duplex where the cost to convert the existing apartment or residential complex/duplex for separate meters is not economically feasible. However in both events the special apartment building master meter rates provided in § 53.03(B)(4) below will apply and the owner/operator of the complex will be liable for payment of the total usage and billed amount.
   (B)   In all cases of multiple-family units or apartment houses, the Department of Public Works shall furnish a meter to, or make a connection on the city water line for each customer or user residing in that building or apartment house, but the connection shall be made only at the city water line.  However, the Department shall not furnish the pipe or install the line from the city water line to that building or apartment house.
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