(A)   The City Officials Training Program for the city shall be administered by the Kentucky League of Cities City Officials Training Center, which shall be responsible for approving courses as qualifying under the terms of this ordinance, shall maintain records of attendance and participation, and shall notify the city when a city official earns a training unit and the number of training units earned by a city official during his or her continuous service as a city official within the city.
   (B)   The administrator shall evaluate and approve courses as qualifying for credit based on the relation of the course to the operation of city government. In addition to other courses which may be approved as qualifying courses by the administrator, courses that provide instruction on the statutory duties of cities and city officials, intergovernmental relationships, municipal finance and budgeting, municipal taxation, ethics, open records, open meetings, economic development, or municipal police powers shall be approved as qualifying courses under this subchapter. The administrator shall require the submission of the course or conference agenda, curriculum, name of the provider, and other course materials to determine whether a course should be approved as a qualifying course.
   (C)   A city official shall submit proof of attendance or participation in a qualifying course to the administrator. A city official shall submit the course name, date, location, name of the instructor or provider, and sufficient proof of attendance or participation in the qualifying course before the administrator shall award credit. The administrator shall not award credit to a city official for attendance or participation in a qualifying course that is not, in the administrator's opinion, substantially different from another course the city official attended or participated in during the same calendar year.
   (D)   The administrator shall maintain records that reflect each of the courses and hours completed by the city official and shall provide it to each city official upon request. The administrator shall within thirty (30) days of the close of the calendar year, provide written or electronic certification to each participating city official of completed courses and hours, and shall if applicable, certify the completion of a training unit and total number of accumulated training units. Upon receipt, a city official shall present a copy of the certification of the completion of the training unit and the total accumulated training units to the city HR Director in order to receive his or her training incentive payments.
(Ord. 0-2011-015, passed 5-23-11)