§ 51.01 GAS METERS.
   (A)   The Department of Public Works shall not furnish gas to more than one (1) customer or user on the same meter or the same gas line connection, except in those cases where the property owner or landlord requests such service for his or her tenants or his or her property, carries the account in his or her name, and agrees and contracts to pay for all gas furnished through that meter or gas line connection.
   (B)   If the purpose of an additional meter due to the first meter not being able to carry the load of the combined connections to a single-family dwelling, then a second meter may be installed at the customer’s request (the customer will be charged for the second installed meter). The customer will be required to pay for all gas furnished as combined usage of both meters. The customer, however, will not be required to pay a minimum bill on both meters. If the combined usage is not above the minimum billing the customer will only be required to pay the minimum for one (1) meter, not two (2). The Department will not furnish the pipe or install a line from the city meter line to the building, business, apartment or home.
   (C)   In all cases of multiple-family units or apartment houses, the Department of Public Works shall furnish a meter to, or make a connection on the city gas line for each customer or user residing in that building or apartment house, but the connection shall be made only at the city gas line. However, the Department shall not furnish the pipe or install a line from the city gas line to that building or apartment house.
(Ord. 610.1, passed 2-22-51; Am. Ord. 0-2007-009, passed 2-26-07)