§ 35.34 APPEAL.
   No later than March 1 of each year, the Code Enforcement Department shall mail, by first class mail to owners of each abandoned urban property, as those names are listed in the records of the Property Evaluation Administrator, a notice that this property has been classified as abandoned urban property. The owner of any abandoned urban property who believes that his, her or its property has been incorrectly classified may appeal such classification to the Vacant Property Review Commission. Such appeal shall be in writing and shall be made no later than April 1 of that year. The Commission shall afford the owner the opportunity for a hearing. If the Commission finds that the property is incorrectly classified as abandoned urban property, it shall cause the property to be removed from the list of property so classified. The Commission shall develop policies and procedures for conducting such appeals.
(Ord. 0-2005-06, passed 4-25-05; Am. Ord. 0-2011-018, passed 6-13-11)
   Vacant Property Review Commission, see §§ 32.180 through 32.185