§ 21-1207.  Access to Information.
   (1)   For purposes of investigations, the Commission shall have access to crime scenes and the same access as the Department to investigative materials, including the right to be present at all interviews with witnesses and Department officers. The Department shall timely notify the Commission of all interviews with witnesses and Department officers so that Commission staff may be present.
   (2)   The Commission shall have the same access as the Department's Internal Affairs and Standards and Accountability Division to all Department files, records, and Department personnel records related to matters within the purview of the Commission. The Commission shall have access to such records and files, including to factual records related to civil litigation involving the City, to enable review for, among other purposes, investigations, policy analysis, and public discipline reporting. This includes direct electronic access to Department databases that store investigative information, as defined by applicable law.
   (3)   No Commissioner or Commission employee shall have access to files, records and other investigative materials in which the Commissioner or employee is a complaining party.
   (4)   The Commission may issue and enforce subpoenas and compel the attendance of witnesses or the production of documents and other evidence in support of any investigation as provided in Section 8-409 of the Home Rule Charter.