§ 21-1211.  Additional Duties of the Department and Other Agencies.
   (1)   Except with respect to complaints addressed in subsections 21-1205(3), all complaints about conduct of police officers received by the Department or any other City agency shall be forwarded to the Commission.
   (2)   Nothing in this Chapter shall prohibit the Police Commissioner or a commanding officer from investigating the conduct of an officer under his or her command, nor shall anything in this Chapter prohibit the Police Commissioner from taking disciplinary or corrective action in any matter.
   (3)   It shall be the duty of every officer, employee, department, and agency of the City to cooperate with the Commission in an investigation undertaken pursuant to this chapter. The Police Commissioner shall order all officers to cooperate with an investigation with the Commission.
   (4)   A refusal to cooperate, and/or relating false or misleading information to the Commission, upon a lawful request by the Commission, shall be considered a violation of this Chapter. Any employee or appointed officer of the City or law enforcement agency who violates any provision of this chapter may be subject to discipline, in accordance with the standards of discipline of the department or agency.
   (5)   The Commission may bring a charge of refusal to cooperate and/or relating false or misleading information to the Commission to the Police Commissioner with a recommendation for discipline pursuant to the Department's disciplinary code.