(3)   Area Regulations.
(a)   Gross Floor Area.
The gross floor area of all buildings shall not exceed four hundred percent (400%) of the total area of the lot.
(b)   Occupied Area.
Not more than eighty percent (80%) of the lot area may be occupied by buildings.
(c)   Setbacks.
(.1)   Front.
(.a)   No front setbacks are required in this district, except as provided in § 14-409(3)(c)(.1)(.b), below.
(.b)   If an SP-CIV-zoned lot is adjacent to a lot in a Residential district, the minimum required front setback for a building or portion of a building located on the SP-CIV lot shall be the minimum front setback required in the most restrictive adjacent Residential district.
(.2)   Side.
No side setbacks are required. When side yards are provided, they must be a minimum of 8 ft. wide.
(.3)   Rear.
The required rear setback is the greater of 9 ft. or ten percent (10%) of lot depth.