(1)   General Provisions.
(a)   Parking Tables.
Off-street parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with Table 14-802-1, Table 14-802-2, or Table 14-802-3, as applicable. Additional standards for certain uses and specific areas are listed in § 14-802(5) (Parking for Persons with Disabilities) through § 14-802(7) (Regulations Applicable to Specific Areas).
(b)   Permitted Adjustments.
Permitted parking alternatives and adjustments to the requirements of this Chapter 14-800, are provided in § 14-802(8) (Adjustments and Alternatives).
(c)   Using the Parking Tables.
Parking requirements are listed by the use categories of § 14-601 (Use Categories). Where a specific use is not listed here, the general parking requirement for the use category shall be applicable. Tables 14-802-1, 14-802-2 and 14-803-3 do not indicate that the uses listed are permitted in specific zoning districts.