§ 9-5401.  Definitions.
   The following definitions shall apply in this Chapter:
   (1)   "Change in Control" means any sale, assignment, transfer, contribution, or other disposition of a hotel, or of all or substantially all of the assets used in the operation of a hotel, or a discrete portion of a hotel, that continues to be operated as a hotel following disposition.
   (2)   "Eligible Employee" means any individual who performs work at a hotel: (a) whose primary place of employment is a Hotel that undergoes a Change in Control subject, whether employed or contracted to perform work functions directly by the Incumbent Hotel Employer, or by a person or entity that has contracted with the Incumbent Hotel Employer to provide services at the Hotel; and (b) whose Length of Service with the Incumbent Hotel Employer is six months or more in the time period prior to the execution of the Transfer Document. "Eligible Employee" does not include a managerial, supervisory, or confidential employee.
   (3)   "Employment Commencement Date" means the date on which an Eligible Employee who is retained by a Successor Hotel Employer pursuant to this Chapter commences work for the Successor Hotel Employer.
   (4)   "Hotel" means a residential building, and ancillary premises, that is designated or used for lodging and other related services for the public, including but not limited to food and beverage preparation and service and meetings, as well as tradeshows and conventions, and contains 50 or more guest rooms.
   (5)   "Incumbent Hotel Employer" means a person or entity that owns, controls, or operates a Hotel prior to a Change in Control.
   (6)   "Length of Service" means the total of all periods of time during which an Employee has been in active service, including periods of time when the worker was on leave.
   (7)   "Successor Hotel Employer" means a person or entity that owns, controls, and/or operates a Hotel after a Change in Control.
   (8)   "Transfer Document" means the purchase agreement or other document(s) that create a binding commitment to effect a Change in Control.