§ 6-1305.  Reporting and Record Keeping on Pesticide Usage.
   (1)   Effective July 1, 2021, usage of any kind of pesticide shall be reported at least annually to the City Council and to the general public on the City's website.
   (2)   The required report under this subsection must include the following information: (a) the common name of the pesticide; (b) the trade name of the pesticide; (c) the registration number designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency; (d) the amount of pesticide applied; (e) the method of application; (f) the location where the pesticide was applied; (g) the square footage of area where the pesticide was applied; (h) the name of the person applying the pesticide; (i) the name of the entity employing or directing the person applying the pesticide; and (j) whether the person applying the pesticide posted any notices informing the public that the pesticide was applied.
   (3)   The Departments of Parks and Recreation, Streets, and all other departments that apply pesticides on City Grounds are required to make this report based on applications by their staff, contractors, and sub-contractors. Such reports shall be maintained centrally by the Department of Records as well as by individual departments.
   (4)   The Department of Records shall preserve and maintain the records reported to Council pursuant to this Section on Council's behalf for no less than three years after the last date of application of the pesticide identified in any such report.