§ 17-101. Prequalification of Prospective Bidders for Contracts for Construction of Public Works. 2
   (1)   Public Works. In order to determine whether any prospective bidder for a City contract for construction of public works to be awarded pursuant to subsection 8-200(2) of the Charter is a responsible bidder, the Procurement Department shall, not later than one week prior to the time of the opening of bids for such contract, require every prospective bidder to file a certified statement on a form supplied by the Procurement Department.
   (2)   Statement. Such certified statement shall set forth in full the information requested by the Procurement Department regarding the responsibility of the prospective bidder, including but not limited to information concerning:
      (a)   financial resources;
      (b)   plant and equipment facilities;
      (c)   organization and personnel;
      (d)   prior experience;
      (e)   record of performance of prior contracts. 3
   (3)   Qualifications. Not later than 96 hours prior to the time of opening of bid, the Procurement Department acting in concert with the appropriate operating Department shall: 4
      (a)   review or investigate all such statements received;
      (b)   determine the responsibility of all prospective bidders filing such statements;
      (c)   notify all prospective bidders whether or not they have been found to be responsible bidders.
   (4)   Appeal. Any person aggrieved by a determination made under subsection 17-101(3) may, within 24 hours after receipt of such notice, request a hearing before a board of three members, to be composed of the Procurement Commissioner and two other heads of departments, chiefs of bureaus or other City officials to be designated by the Managing Director and may present such further evidence with respect to his responsibility or the responsibility of other prospective bidders as would justify a different determination.
   (5)   Review. The hearing officers shall review the responsibility of all prospective bidders who have filed statements, consider all the evidence presented, and render a prompt decision thereon.
   (6)   Other Contracts. In order to determine whether any prospective bidder for a City contract other than for public works is a responsible bidder, the Procurement Department may require the bidders to submit such information as will enable the Department to ascertain their qualifications.
   (7)   Disqualification. Nothing contained in this Section shall prohibit the Procurement Department from disqualifying any bidder at any time prior to the award of a City contract if the Procurement Department obtains information which in its opinion adversely affects the responsibility of such bidder. 5



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