§ 19-1207.  Good Parking Jobs for Philadelphia Review Committee. 156.1
   (1)   Establishment. The Mayor is hereby called upon to establish the Good Parking Jobs for Philadelphia Review Committee as an advisory body to conduct an annual review regarding the quality of jobs and opportunities for workers in the parking industry and to make recommendations to the Council regarding such issues and potential changes regarding taxes applicable in connection with the parking industry.
   (2)   Members. The Committee shall be composed of seven members appointed by the Mayor. Two members shall be representatives of the labor community, two shall be representatives of the parking industry, one shall be a representative of the City Administration and two shall be representatives of Council.
   (3)   Meetings. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly. All meetings shall be open to the public. At each meeting, an opportunity shall be provided for public testimony on matters relating to the subjects addressed in subsections (4) and (5) of this Section.
   (4)   Working Conditions. The Committee shall make a thorough review of working conditions in the parking industry, including job standards; efforts to reduce worker turnover; the extent of employer-provided training; safety; and opportunities for advancement.
   (5)   Economics of the Parking Industry. The Committee shall evaluate the economics of the parking industry, including with respect to the impact of Chapter 17-1200 of The Philadelphia Code ("Parking Tax") and the impact of intended reductions in the parking tax to seventeen percent (17%) by July 1, 2022, with respect to working conditions.
   (6)   Reporting. Following review on these issues, the Committee shall make a report and evaluation regarding the status of working conditions and economic issues in the parking industry as set forth in subsections (4) and (5). An initial report shall be provided to the Mayor and the Chief Clerk of Council no later than April 1, 2021, and shall thereafter conduct an annual review and provide a report regarding such issues. The Committee shall have no authority to set or recommend employment, wage, or benefit requirements.



   Added, Bill No. 200387 (approved December 1, 2020).