(2)   Use Regulations.
For lots with frontage along American Street, where the proposed use includes a Multi-Family Household Living use, the following standards shall apply, in addition to those of the applicable base zoning district:
(a)   All of the ground floor frontage along American Street must be occupied by a use other than residential and other than parking within the first 30 ft. of building depth, measured from the front building line; provided that:
(.1)   Regulated uses, as set forth in § 14-603(13) (Regulated Uses), shall be prohibited from the ground floor frontage; and
(.2)   Any portion of the ground floor intended to meet the requirements of this subsection (a) shall be designed and constructed to permit a finished ceiling height of at least 14 ft., except that this requirement shall not apply to existing structures.
(b)   At least twenty percent (20%) of all dwelling units on the lot shall be provided and maintained as affordable at the Moderate Income level of affordability, as defined and regulated in § 14-702(7) (Mixed-Income Housing); the provisions of § 14-702(7)(b)(.6) (payment in lieu of providing housing) shall not be used to meet this requirement.
(c)   Any development shall be subject to the requirement that no zoning permit shall be issued unless an applicant has met with Registered Community Organizations ("RCOs") whose boundaries include the applicant's property to present a Marketing and Occupancy Plan and an Economic Opportunity Plan, in accordance with subsections (.1) through (.3); has subsequently filed the Plans with either a division of the Department of Commerce responsible for monitoring participation by minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses or any other City agency designated by the Mayor; and has subsequently made available a copy of the Plans to the RCOs.
(.1)   A Marketing and Occupancy Plan shall describe how the permit applicant will market and occupy affordable and market-rate units within the development.
(.2)   An Economic Opportunity Plan shall include a description of all efforts to be taken to foster meaningful and representative opportunities for participation by M/W/DSBEs and an appropriately diverse workforce in connection with the project. Such description shall include certification and documentation of any and all actions taken with respect to solicitation and other activities as set forth in subsections 17-1603(1)(d)(.3)(.a) - (.c) of the Code (Economic Opportunity Plan: Contents); a statement of past practices to develop diversity at any and all levels of the organization, as described in subsection 17-1603(1)(f); and a statement of equity ownership, as described in subsection 17-1603(1)(g)(.2); provided that the requirements of Chapter 17-1600 shall not otherwise apply to this § 14-526.
(.3)   The applicant must meet the applicable requirements of § 14-303(12) (Neighborhood Notice and Meetings), regardless of whether those provisions would otherwise apply. The applicant may fulfill the requirement of meeting with RCOs in this subsection (c) by presenting such Plans at the Neighborhood Meeting required under § 14-303(12).
(.4)   L&I and the Commission are authorized to promulgate such regulations as are necessary and appropriate to implement the provisions of this section.