§ 9-2501.  Definitions.
   (1)   Contractor. A person that offers to undertake the installation, alteration, repair, testing, servicing, maintenance, inspection and/or certification of fire suppression systems, or any part of such systems.
   (2)   Fire Prevention Code.Subcode F of the Building Construction and Occupancy Code (Title 4 of The Philadelphia Code) and the regulations adopted thereunder.
   (3)   Fire Suppression System. An automatic or manual system designed to protect occupants and/or buildings or structures from fire. Such systems include, but are not limited to, water sprinkler, water spray, foam-water, foam- water spray, carbon dioxide, foam extinguishing, dry chemical, wet chemical, halogenated and other chemical systems used for fire protection. Such systems also include the supply mains, yard hydrants, standpipes and hose connections to sprinkler systems. Additionally, tank heaters, air lines and thermal systems used in connection with sprinklers, tanks and pumps dedicated for fire suppression use are included.
   (4)   Fire Suppression System Certificate. A Certificate I or Certificate II issued under the Fire Prevention Code.
   (5)   Registered Fire Suppression System Apprenticeship Program. A program of apprenticeship training registered with the United States Department of Labor or a State Apprenticeship Council involving at least 8,000 hours of documented practical experience in the installation or maintenance of fire suppression systems and at least 800 hours of classroom, shop or related instruction in the fire suppression system trade.
   (6)   Work On A Fire Suppression System. The layout, on-site fabrication, testing, inspection, certification, work and practice concerning the construction, installation, alteration, extension, removal, repair, servicing, maintenance or renovation of fire suppression systems.



Section 9-2501 - Delayed Amendment
This Section has been amended by Bill No. 200365 (approved September 17, 2020), effective March 17, 2022.