§ 17-2301. Legislative Findings.
   Whereas, the City has a financial interest in ensuring the fairness and transparency in the approval process for contracting with the labor union representing the uniformed workers of the Philadelphia Police Department; and
   Whereas, the Philadelphia Police Department's personnel spending equates to roughly fourteen and seventy-two hundredths percent (14.72%) of the City's entire budget; and
   Whereas, in FY 2020, the police overtime spending through the third quarter was approximately fifty-three million dollars ($53,000,000) with only twenty percent (20%) of the allotted overtime budget remaining for the fourth quarter; and
   Whereas, transparency in government is key to improving the public's trust in government to carry out the will and best interest of the public it serves; and
   Whereas, the City cannot provide transparency to the public while simultaneously spending over one-tenth (1/10th) of the overall budget on a single department where the right of the public to be heard is not afforded prior to the execution of such a contract.