§ 9-5006.  Enforcement.
   (1)   Procedure for Complaints. The complaint filing, complaint administration and other enforcement provisions of Chapter 9-4300 of the Code ("Wage Theft Complaints") shall apply to enforcement of this Chapter, except as otherwise inconsistent with this Chapter.
   (2)   Private Right of Action.
      (a)   An employee, upon submitting to the Department for review and receiving the Department's certification of a determination of reasonable cause to go forward, may bring an action in a Court of competent jurisdiction against the business for violations of this Chapter and, upon proving a violation, may be awarded reinstatement, backpay and other compensatory damages. An employee may seek civil penalties on behalf of the City for each day in which a violation occurs.
      (b)   If the employee is the prevailing party in any such legal action, the Court shall award reasonable attorney's fees and costs to the employee as part of the costs recoverable.
      (c)   This Section shall not be construed to limit an employee's right to bring any other applicable employment claim, including for wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination or otherwise.