§ 22-1203.  Medical Panel.
   (1)   Appointment. The Board shall appoint a Medical Panel as medical examiners on behalf of the Board. Preference shall be given to physicians employed by the City Health Department. If required, other physicians may be employed by the Board to report on specific cases.
   (2)   Medical examinations. The Medical Panel shall conduct all medical examinations required under the provisions of this Title, and shall report in writing to the Board its medical findings and medical opinions upon any matter referred to it.
   (3)   Disqualification. If a medical examination involves a member of the Medical Panel or a family member of such individual, such member of the Medical Panel shall be disqualified from acting in such matter.
   (4)   Disability and death benefits. Disability retirement benefits and service-connected death benefits may be granted only after a report is submitted by the Medical Panel. An applicant for disability benefits whose initial application has been rejected shall have the right to be reexamined for the claimed disability not more frequently than every six months. The Board may in its sole discretion grant more frequent reexaminations.
   (5)   Appointment of new medical panel. If an application is denied, the Board may, upon the request of the applicant and the presentation of satisfactory evidence, appoint a new medical panel to review the application and submit its medical findings to the Board.