§ 22-309.  Application for Benefits.
   (1)   Qualification. To qualify for any of the benefits provided for in this Chapter, a member, a member's beneficiary, a member's survivor or the administrator of the member's estate must file an application for benefits with the Board and the application must be approved by the Board.
      (a)   Applications for service-connected disability retirement benefits and ordinary disability retirement benefits must be filed with the Board within one (1) year after separation from service with the City. Such application shall be acted upon by the Board promptly upon receipt thereof. Subject to the provisions of Section 22-1203 (Medical Panel), the decision of the Board as to eligibility for service-connected and ordinary disability retirement benefits shall be final and conclusive.
   (2)   Death benefits. If a separated vested member dies before attaining minimum retirement age then the member's designated beneficiary or estate administrator may apply for death benefits. (See Section 22-501. Service- Connected Death and Health Care Benefits, and Section 22-502. Ordinary Death Benefits (Death Benefits).)
   (3)   Incapacity to apply. In the event any member is unable, by reason of any disability, to make application personally for retirement or other benefits established by this Title, such application may be made on behalf of the member by a member's spouse, Life Partner, parent, son, daughter, brother, sister or legal representative. 94



   Amended, Bill No. 130224 (approved May 8, 2013).