§ 21-3003.  Environmental Justice Online Portal.
   (1)   Council hereby calls upon the Office of Sustainability, or such other office or agency as the Mayor may designate, in consultation with all relevant city agencies and departments as directed by the Mayor, to create by December 31, 2019, and maintain an environmental justice portal on the city's website that provides easy access to the following resources:
      (a)   Data, maps and other information from city, state and federal sources, and from other relevant sources, relating to environmental justice concerns;
      (b)   Any report, recommendations or plan issued by the Environmental Justice Advisory Commission or by any city agency, relating to environmental justice concerns;
      (c)   City programs that promote environmental justice and foster community engagement with and participation in agency decision-making that implicates environmental justice concerns; and
      (d)   Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and federal programs that promote environmental justice.