§ 21-2901.  Disseminating Missing and Endangered Persons Alerts Through Use of the Internet.
   (1)   Definitions.
      MEPAS shall mean the Missing Endangered Person Advisory System as established and maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police pursuant to the Act of November 24, 2004, P.L. 1270, No. 153.
      Missing persons who are at special risk of harm shall mean any person who is reported missing that has a physical or mental impairment which poses an increased vulnerability to the person's safety when left unattended for some period of time, including individuals diagnosed with intellectual disability, autistic disorders, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, or other such impairments.
   (2)   Internet Alerts. The Police Department, working in cooperation with other City departments, shall endeavor to post any public alert regarding individuals that were or are believed to have been in the vicinity of the City of Philadelphia when reported missing generated via the Missing Endangered Person Advisory System (MEPAS) on all City maintained websites and social media sites that routinely post advisories and other such alerts, to aid in the search and recovery of missing persons, including those who are at special risk of harm due to their disability or mental impairment. The alerts should encourage the public to remain vigilant for information regarding individuals who are the subject of an alert posted consistent with this Section, and to immediately report any relevant information to the police.