§ 21-2708.  Reporting and Program Assessment.
   (1)   The Managing Director shall, no less than twice a year, file a report with the Chief Clerk of Council that shall include, in addition to such other information the Managing Director determines should be included, information concerning: the number of individuals that sought to obtain, and the number of individuals that received, a Municipal Identification Card; the extent of City outreach to prospective applicants and prospective City partners in connection with use of the card; the manner in which the City promoted acceptance of the card by public and private institutions, including banks; such information as may be collected by the City regarding usage of the card, including financial benefits associated with use of the card; whether any non-City entities requested underlying information related to card issuance and confirmation that no such information was provided; and whether any incidences of fraud or other abuse were reported to the City in connection with usage of such cards.
   (2)   The Managing Director is authorized to, within ninety days of the effective date of this ordinance, establish a Municipal Identification Card working group, which shall regularly convene members of the Administration, City Council and affected stakeholder organizations to discuss mechanisms to support implementation of this Chapter, including regulations promulgated under this Chapter.