§ 21-2706.  Implementation and Access to Services.
   (1)   The Mayor shall designate such departments, agencies, and other offices as appropriate to coordinate the development and implementation of a Municipal Identification Card program which includes a public promotion program designed to encourage residents to apply for identification cards under this Chapter and to promote multiple uses for such cards.
   (2)   As may be established by regulation, all City agencies, departments, and any Entity that Receives Funds shall accept a Municipal Identification Card as valid identification and as valid proof of residency in the City, unless such City department or Entity has reasonable grounds for determining that the card is counterfeit, altered, or improperly issued to the card holder, or that the individual presenting the Card is not the individual to whom it was issued.
   (3)   The City shall seek to expand the benefits associated with the Municipal Identification Card, by encouraging eligible persons to apply for the Card, and by promoting the acceptance of the Card among public and private institutions, including but not limited to banks, libraries, schools, hospitals, museums, and healthcare providers.