§ 21-1903.  Required FAR Policy Compliance Reports.
   (1)   Within thirty days after the close of each calendar quarter, DHS shall produce a written report setting forth:
      (a)   The number of children and youth who were subject to the FAR Policy during the prior calendar quarter because they were the subject of an indicated Child Protective Services report or because they were placed in another home, foster home, group home, or other facility or because they were subject to subsequent out-of-home placement(s).
      (b)   The number of such children and youth for whom DHS fully complied with the FAR Policy, and for each child or youth for whom DHS was not in full compliance, the reason(s) why DHS did not fully comply.
      (c)   If DHS has by regulation modified the statement of FAR rights in accordance with subsection 21-1901(4), a copy of the statement that was in effect during the prior calendar quarter must be submitted to City Council.
   (2)   The reports required by subsection (1) shall be filed with the Chief Clerk of Council, with copies to the Department of Records and the Managing Director. DHS shall also see to it that copies are promptly posted on the City's official website.