§ 21-1901.  Definitions.
   (1)   DHS. The Philadelphia Department of Human Services.
   (2)   Provider Worker. An employee or agent for an organization under contract with DHS.
   (3)   SWSM. Social Work Services Manager.
   (4)   FAR. Freedom from Abuse Rights, which shall consist of the following, or such other statement of rights as DHS may provide by policy or Commonwealth law or regulation:
"You have the right to be safe. You have the right to freedom from abuse. Anyone can be an abuser – adults, teenagers, and children. They can be people you know or people you do not know. There are four kinds of abuse.
   1.   Physical Abuse – When someone hurts your body using their bare hands, other body parts or with objects that bruise or injure you and make you afraid.
   2.   Sexual Abuse – When someone shows you their private parts or gets you to touch their private parts or touches you in ways that feel wrong or make you uncomfortable. When someone takes pictures of you without any clothes on or tries to show you naked pictures of themselves or other people. Sexual abuse often happens when nobody else is around.
   3.   Emotional Abuse – When someone makes fun of you, picks on you, or says things that hurt your feelings or make you feel bad or think that no one loves you.
   4.   Neglect – When people you live with leave you alone to take care of yourself but you don't know how. When a lot of the time, you are not fed, or given what you need to clean your body or given clothes for the kind of weather it is. When the people you live with do not send you to school, or take you to a doctor or a dentist when you are sick.
If you are abused, tell an adult you can trust or call 1-800-932-0313 or DHS at 215-683-6100 and someone will get you help. Abuse is never your fault."