§ 21-1702.  Notice of Certain Procurement Contracts Available for Bid.
   (1)   This Section, enacted pursuant to subsection 8-200(2)(a) of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter ("Charter"), supersedes the notice requirements specified in that Section of the Charter. 48
   (2)   The following notice requirement applies to any purchase or contract for which competitive bidding is required pursuant to subsection 8-200(1) of the Charter and which is subject to subsection 8-200(2) of the Charter:
      (a)   The Procurement Department shall advertise for sealed bids at least once a week for two weeks in one of the three newspapers having the largest paid circulation in the City and in such other newspapers as it deems necessary, provided that if no newspaper having a paid circulation in the City is then publishing, notice shall be published on the City's official website, or in such other manner as designated by the Finance Director.
      (b)   In addition, such other notice may be given as will bring purchase or contract opportunities to the attention of interested bidders.



   Amended, Bill No. 090689 (approved November 4, 2009); amended, Bill No. 100063 (approved March 17, 2010).