§ 21-1201.  Purpose. 32.1
   (1)   Pursuant to Sections 3-813 and 4-2501 of the Home Rule Charter, this Chapter provides for the composition and powers of the Citizens Police Oversight Commission ("Commission"), as created pursuant to Section 3-100 of the Charter.
   (2)   The Commission is an oversight agency designed to ensure the just, transparent, and efficient administration of criminal justice in Philadelphia through fair and timely investigation into and oversight of conduct, policies, and practices of the Police Department and its officers. The Commission shall have the powers and duties set forth below with the primary purpose of prevention and reduction of crime by increasing transparency and accountability of Police Department functions; improving police conduct; enhancing the quality of internal investigations; and increasing communication and engagement between the community and the Police Department regarding the apprehension, prosecution, and rehabilitation of accused persons or criminal offenders. As a criminal justice agency under 18 Pa. C.S. § 9102, the Commission's powers and duties shall be an integral aspect of the administration of criminal justice in the City, acting in support of all criminal justice agencies thereof.



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