§ 21-101.  The City Seal. 1
   (1)   The device of the City Seal shall be:
      ARMS – On a blue field, a fess golden between a plough above and a ship in full sail below; both proper.
      CREST – A right arm, nude, embowed, couped at shoulder, holding a pair of scales; all proper.
      SUPPORTERS – Two females, standing full face, the one on the right side of the shield habited white and purple, crowned with an olive wreath; in her right hand a scroll, charged with an anchor; all proper; the one on the left side habited white and blue; in her left hand a cornucopia, proper.
   (2)   The seal of the Mayor of the City shall contain the words and letters on a riband, like the first seal adopted by the corporation – Seal of the City of Philadelphia – and shall have a diameter of 2-1/4 inches.



   Source: 1874 Ordinances, p. 55.